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Winner of a 2012 New England Emmy, this 60-second spot
for My Life My Choice, an organization that gets
girls' lives back on track after they've slipped into
a life on the streets. Winner of the 7DAYPSA contest,
it will play on WCVB Ch.5 Boston for an entire year.
Televisionary Productions was the writer, camera operator and editor.


People talking to people is the bread and butter of documentaries, corporate information, organizational appeals and educational programs. It's important they look good. Herewith, several examples of the art. Yes, that is Kareem at #1.

This device monitors your chest compressions during CPR, and tells you
to push harder or faster if you need to do so, or that you're doing
good compressions if your depth and rate are sufficient.
Televisionary Productions directed, shot and edited
this video as part of a "directions for use" DVD.

This video explains the system software package that one company has created to streamline the communication between ambulance companies and hospitals. All medications and therapies in a rescue are communicated to the hospital before the arrival of the ambulance and patient.

Before Adam Falk was officially announced as the new President of Williams College (US News' #1 ranked liberal arts college), Televisionary Productions was chosen to shoot a series of interviews with him on various topics, so the world could get to know him a little better right from his first day on the job. Shot in the Massachusetts Historical Society, by kind permission.

SMARTS is the acronymic title of a creative arts summer camp in Massachusetts, whose director Sherye Weisz has been championing artistic education for more than 25 years. If you're an artist, this camp helps you find out how much joy there is in self-expression! One of four promotional projects produced for this organization; awarded with a Telly.

Future artists of America start at SMARTS. This summer camp for all things creative has camps for ages 8-18. For this documentary style promo piece, I immersed myself for about 7 days during the course of the 4-week summer program. Interviews with students make it a compelling selling video.


This program is part of the setup instructions distributed with each product, on DVD. Shot in a studio over three days, with a teleprompter. Televisionary Productions shot, edited and authored the DVD.